Lego Parts in Pakistan. where to buy?

I'm just in a quick need of the good quality Lego Parts.

Any one here does have an idea, where to buy from? Lahore would be more suitable.

I actually want it to make camera stand for temporary use. So it would be fine that the pack could build some thing like movable stands like in the following video.

I don't have some idea about these but I found on the web that they have made bundle packs for some sort of targeted designs.

e.g. a pack for "train and track", another pack for "Castle" and blah blah on the following page.

Isn't there any for general designs which could be used for any kind of purpose. Or could I use above ones for my desired design?

and following page didn't return any thing of use.


I myself am looking for general Lego building brick lots. Let me know as well if you find a place to get them.

^oh man! I thought there's a suggestion.... :D any ways. I surely will..

3-4 months ago, i saw a huge collections of lego bricks on metro (University road karachi), I hope they still have :)

Metro has a nice collection of Lego. Besides it will cost you lots of bucks to get these parts to build camera stand & this stand will topple over way easily.

Lego apart.. does anyone knows where to buy meccano in metallic form?.. all the places ive visited they have plastic meccano.. or metal ones with only few parts . If anyone knows a place where they sell good metal meccano packages.. plz share :)

Btw i feel meccano is more versatile than lego... it can do wonders for mini projects :)

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^oh man! I thought there’s a suggestion… :D any ways. I surely will…

Hehehe! Well, I thought of some suggestions, but those would not be useful for you. If you gonna buy new one, it will cost you a lot, even if you buy some custom pack. One such option I could find while I searched for the same was a 390 piece box for 2K, and those pieces are smaller ones. Of course you could find something of value on eBay if you were in UK, US or Australia where these are auctioned by way of kilos of lego bricks, but even these don’t come cheap. For example, have a look at this and this auction. The only way one can find these bricks at reasonable price here is if someone is willing to sell his/her old collection from childhood. And I already have opened a thread in BST section.

BTW, check here. You might find something useful.

Yesterday on National Geographic they were showing some Robot projects made with Lego. around 5:15 pm