LED TV purchase

Did anyone recently bring along with him a 40 inch LCD from Dubai or any other country ? How much tax they have to pay at the customs ? by the way if i purchase one and bring along with me would i have to pay a heavy tax as someone told me it would be 50% of the purchasing cost of your TV or any significant amount stated by the customs .... cant we pass it through green channel without paying customs ? Also if any one can suggest me how I can save customs duty or lower their demand ?

And would it be safe to put the TV along with baggage at the airport with a fragile sticker on it , do they handle fragile item properly ? Is there a chance that the TV could broke because of the mis-handling by the airport staff ?

And finally how is Toshiba or Philips TV support service in Karachi do any one have any idea about it ?

And how is TCL ,and Hisense as a brand are their LCD panels reliable and of good quality ?

you can avoid customs if you bring inside the luggage for example buy a big ass suitcase lay down some clothes then put TV inside and then again place some clothes above TV pack it and bring it, bringing like this will avoid customs duties but in case if screen breaks or some other damages occurs then Airline will not be responsible nor they will pay for the damage..... hisense is good brand it mostly famous in Australia and North America markets

40 inches TV would be too large to be inside a suitcase and the TV would be much safe in its box with therma-pole packing so not a good option! any other alternatives to save CUSTOMS ? such as if i can get under invoice or claim it to be an USED TV would they let me pass without customs ?

Hi-sense is a Chinese brand so I am a bit skeptic about it but will look into it as it is very cheap compared to other major brands i don't know i can get any service for Hisense in Pakistan if i ever need one ....... That is why I was more inclined towards Toshiba and Philips hopefully they have their service center in Pakistan but any other suggestion is welcomed ....... by the way any specific model of Hi-sense u would recommend in 39 or 40 inches ?

Can any buddy tell me how much money in terms of a figure or percentage i should expect to pay the customs ?