LED Lights Flickering in home on Inverter UPS

Hi, I have a homage 1000VA inverter its a modified sine wave. If i only run LED 230V bulb on it, it flickers badly.
but if i turn on a fan or plug a laptop charger than the LED bulb stops flickering.

How can i stop LED from flickering when run alone ?

Easiest and cheapest solution is to change the LED bulb to some better quality type.

and which is a better brand available here in rawalpindi ?

This is happening bcz of rapid charge n discharge of capacitor in your LED light . when you turn on fan / laptop charger etc which has capacitance then that capacitance works like a filter capacitor and thus it stops flickering :slight_smile:

modified s/wave inverters are dangerous - consider changing it to a pure sine wave one .

Nadeem Ahmed

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if a capacitor can solve this problem than can i attach a capacitor with my inverter output,

If so which capacitor should be attached and how ?

And yes i was also thinking about buying a pure sine wave, actually my father brought this one he didnt know much about electrons so im stuck with it for a while lol.

Thanks for pointing out the problem :slight_smile: