I live at block 7 gulshan-e-iqbal karachi and i want dsl services.After reading a rather mixed review abt PTCL,I thought of going to LDN.So which one is better in terms of customer service,reliability,durability etc?

^ PTCL's dictionary not has these words in service,reliability,durability

I have been using LDN's service for around a couple of months now and so far the service has been good. I say this due to these reasons:

- I always managed to talk to a technician on their UAN number and they either resolved my problem or submitted a ticket.

- If there was a problem it was resolved with 1-2 days max with a follow up call from their Head Office in Lahore.

- Speeds have been good. Browsing speeds of 50-60k per second and download speed of 80k per second. Torrent speed can go up 105k per second.

- I am only paying Rs. 735 per month as compared to 839 charged by PTCL since I have my own modem. PTCL doesn't reduce monthly cost even if you have your own modem.

Hope this feedback helps in making you a decision. Btw, i have used PTCL too and when it worked it performed nicely (speeds were slighly better) , but when it didn't work then it was just a nightmare contacting the helpline and getting my problem fixed.

ok,thanks for the replies.i am going for ldn :).by the way i play online games,so what is the normal ping status for pakistani server?

LDN is better in terms of service, while PTCL is good old bully.