LDN Should.....!

I believe that LDN should also take the responsibility of setting up the phone wire from the pole to the PC, instead of us customers calling the pathetic PTCL for the new wire. We are paying LDN for the internet services, not PTCL. It should be their responsibility to make sure that the net is working perfectly and should replace wires when needed, instead they tell us to call the PTCL line man (who of-course needs to be taken care of in some unethical manner). Its not fair and it definitely hurts LDN's goodwill. When the Internet doesn't work people always blame LDN whereas the fault is in PTCL's wires.

So LDN, please take care of this matter, it will not only be more convenient for the customers but will also help you compete with PTCL.

How many of you agree with me? Please share your thoughts.


LDN will die soon


because it cant live without ptcl and ptcl would'nt let ldn to go ahead

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LDN will die soon


because it cant live without ptcl and ptcl would’nt let ldn to go ahead


If that happens we’ll be back to PTCL’s monopoly and suffer just like our electricity problems :D

Today I shall talk to LDN about their package upgrade, lets see what they say this time

Last time when I talked with them about 1/2 month ago, they said packages will be upgraded within 10 to 15 days.. but yet no news

I talked to LDN, this is what they said:

1 mb package will not be upgraded because PTCL also didn't upgrade it, all other packages will only be upgraded after Eid, but no official date.

This Upgrade can take upto 1 month

After Package upgrade, you will receive email notification