LDN, Bad Support

Okay, here is what happened with me.

My phone line was dead, they recorded a complain. After a day, phone is still dead and Internet is also not working. I called them again to know that status of my earlier complain. I got a really strange reply. They told me that the problem is solved. Ooops! This is really strange for me. Instead of solving the problem their support staff is simply closing the trouble ticket. When I complained that how they can mark the complain as 'Solved' while the issue is still there????? In reply, they gave me a new complain number. Hehe, what a support???

There management probably does not know how their support staff is handling complains. They will only see complains marked as 'Solved'. They should have some way to get customer feedback. So they know what is happening actually and customers are suffering.

I am seriously thinking to change my ISP. PTCL was horrible and now LDN is also looking similar. Is there any good ISP out there???

dead telephone line is actually your problem not LDn's, bro honest suggestion you should contact the Line man of your area to bring your line to life. :) get his personal cell number.

If your phone line is dead its not LDN's fault, call PTCL 1218 and file a complaint.

^ Agreed. Lodge a complaint at 1218. LDN sometimes do solve line problems but only at the time of the installation of a new connection.

Thank you everybody for your replies.

This is not true ldn also solve the phone line problems...when my phone line went all dead i called ptcl and when ldn knew about it they said always complain to them if the phone line is also dead and not to ptcl, so i don't know why people say it's not their job to look at the phone line.