LCD with 8ms, 5ms and 2ms response time? Is it a big deal?


I saw samsung 23 inch LCD, FULL HD 1080p in 18,000 at hafeez center, model number is 2333T but has a response time of 8ms.

I saw ASUS 21.5 inch LED, FULL HD 1080p for 18,000, model number is 228H and has a response time of 2ms.

Which one i should go for? Will response time have such a great impact while playing games and stuff?

Also, if someone can tell me where can i buy samsung 2333SW or 2333HD LCD in lahore and the price? They both are same as the above one but has a reponse time of 5ms and HD models comes with builtin TV.

Please indicate me the shop and price in Lahore.


Well, response time basically determines max supported hertz by your monitor. 8ms = 125 hertz, 5ms = 200 hertz & 2ms = 500 hertz.

So IMO, 8ms is pretty fine, 5ms is great, and 2ms is excellent but currently useless (correct me if I'm wrong).

So you're fine to go with any of them. but don't go for anything above 8ms, cause then you'll start seeing ghosting in recent games.

The human eye cannot see a difference in response times less 16 ms.

^ True

Besides it only matters when ur playing fast paced games. the higher the response time the higher the blur.

Thanks for reply guys, but whats the fuss about if human eye cant find any difference under 16ms?

@ Faisal,

can i see a great different between on 8ms and 5ms or 2ms LCD while playing a fast paced game such as any racing game?


Yup you can.... but that would be an expensive experiment for you ;)

@blackclouds You'll start seeing ghosting in many recent/current/upcoming games, because most newer games are built for newer technology, that includes newer monitors for better gaming experience.

You see, 16ms is obsolete nowadays, they even make them anymore. Besides, all the monitors you mentioned are 8ms or less, so i don't see any problems there.

And no, the human eye CAN notice the difference between response times less than 16, it requires continuous & prolonged observation.

Just one think to keep in mind. Lower is better in Milliseconds (MS), don't go for higher.