LCD used or new

i have a question for guidance ... im short on budget n need a gud new/used lcd of a gud n decent size .. min 19" i hope u ppl must have some decent advices ... dnt just come with big difficult terms .. just tell me wats gud for normal computer use basically for music movies and office use should i go for a hefty new piece or an affordable 2nd hand ... i saw few in karachi used lcdz uder 10k of phillips n sony etc .. waiting for ur advice

Never go for a used lcd. Too many issues. It's better IMO to buy at 17inch but new.

but i have very tight budget ... i mean im short on money ... max 9k i can manage

Then just wait and add more money.Trust me a brand new lcd is worth it.I purchased brand new LCD last year and it is running without any problem and there is no guarantee on used LCD

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secc is right always buy brand new lcd, backlight of lcd in average has three years life but it can give you 5+ years too i have 15" Lcd bought more than 5 years ago and still working great. used one is not worth it. 19’widescreen lcd going for 12-13 thousand is worth an investment.


ru sure tat these r the prices tat ur sayin … 12k for 19" new one? as i have seen on galaxy only benq has one 19" lcd in 12k range rest are 14+ n im short on meny :S should i wait :)

gud advice fellas ... well now a days im near karachi .. panoaqil to be exact ... ill try to go to techno city as its the best place to get brand new things in much friendly enviroment as compared to uni plaza just across the street if im not wrong :) but 12k is still a gud deal of money :) well lets see any advice on 19" lcd offcourse new one what i should look for ... though my mobo is hdmi ready but i dnt think i can manage hd lcd with my status of money :) any personel experience ppl ?

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Rolf ! :)

Btw if BenQ 19inch is selling for around 12, get it! BenQ has great screens. I wanted one too but due to lack of availability I settled with a 22inch Viewsonic. I’m not sure if I’m too happy with the results. Previously I had a 17inch Philips LCD and never noticed any pixels moving, on my new screen I began to see them since day one.

BenQ is an excellent upcoming brand.

well the link tat galaxy is showin for their 19" lcd for 12k is not on website of benq ... wat this shi* ... plz any advice on this ... rest it will take me time to visit karachi for any time more than 2 days .. khair .. lookin forward for ur comments n hey k2munda thankx alot man for ur excellent review .. tat will help me alot :) _\m/ k2munda _\m/

well here is a link of some indian website but no picture ...

wat to do now :) i think ill have to go by my self n do as the SAGES say :)