LCD monitor (DVI or Analouge?)

I have a samsung 226bw lcd monitor and it has 2 ports at the back one is DVI and the other is the analouge one.. Now i want to know if there's any difference between the 2 interms of quality? The thing is i have to connect this PS3 too with the lcd so i have to use the DVI port for that so whenever i have to use ps3 i have unplug and plug the dvi cable.. So if i just use the analouge cable for the computer i can only switch using buttons. Is there any loss of quality because of that?

Im currently on Analogue.. I dont know it just doesnt look so good but there's not a lot of difference.. Or maybe im just paranoid. So can you guys help me out here.

Computer generates Digital Video signals, so if you use analogue (aka VGA) cable, then the signal are converted from digital to analogue format which inevitably causes some loss of quality. DVI ports accept digital signal so there is no loss of quality at all.

However, for general usage, the loss of quality is so small that you would not notice any difference.

Actually i am.. Like in orkut the difference between very light blue and white is almost not noticeable.. its awkward a bit.

But thats noticeable even on CRT monitor (which I am currently using and it uses analogue input).

May be your monitor comes with some sort of color correction or perhaps some other problem in your color configuration?

Hmm.. i did one thing.. I have both the dvi and vga cable both connected to the graphic card and aswell as the monitor and i set up in the configuration so that both ports work at the same time so that i can press the source button and it would switch between DVI and Analogue..

I opened orkut and when i view it in DVI, it looks a bit more colourful but in analogue i cant tell light blue from white.. The settings for contrast and brightness are the same on both digital and analogue so i guess its just an effect of VGA cable..

Most of the sites are fine, Orkut and sites with very low contrast colours look really difficult on VGA.

Well then it could be that CRTs have better contrast and brightness ratios than LCDs which means that the difference between Analogue and Digital is more noticable in LCDs.

So, that probably means that you only have one choice! Use DVI. Because the problem will be even more apparent when watching HD movies or playing latest games.

I checked, and the difference isnt noticeable when the colours are dark and the contrast is good like blue on white is perfectly good but very light blue on white is almost indistinguishable.. I cant see any major differences in the videos though. Anyway i dont want to plug and unplug the cable each time i connect my PS3, it might damage the port or the cable's pins plus i have to move the monitor each time so i guess it would be better to just accept the computer on VGA and Ps3 on DVI :(