LCD/LED 22-24" recommendation

As mentioned in the topic need an LCD/LED to watch cable tv and hd movies. I have dany device and and tablet with hd capability lying around so i can use them.

Budget is around 14-16K. New ofcourse, i can throw in another couple of thousand if needed.

I have gone through czone and galaxy prices, and noticed viewsonic panels are very affordable, what does the experts recommends? Are they durable? I heard there are cheap copies available of samsung panels in the market currently, but samsung seems pretty popular.

Any specific model within my budget would be appreciated aswell.



here in quetta 24-26 ince sharp malysia available 14-15 thousand second hand LED

Well thats quetta, its popular for cheap used electronics.

I am in karachi and probably looking for a new one.

IMO. Don't buy a LED screen for a TV device for that budget. If your primary goal is watch television then go for a dedicated LED TV.
You can buy something like that.

This device is for I.T guys.

LG Personal TV MT35S

A proper TV can be used to hook up with a PC as well.. a PC LED canot be properly used for that.. pc led are made for high density and accurate color reproduction..not high brightness needed for TV watching.. TV are made for higher frames and smoothness and less blocky tv reception. dany device will reduce tv quality a lot.. cz its not a proper quality tuner like Pinnacle or Asus etc.

in any case, Main difference between Viewsonic and Samsung is the color vs brightness

VS monitors have extremely high contrast and dominant red colors. their lower end are just average led..the VX series is the better monitor and should be preffered if you like Punchy color and high response time while playing games. if you like sharp colors and you donot get strain from it you will love viewsonic

Sams are high brightness with god color reproduction..their pic is very bright what movies and tv actually need, their colors are also very high but compared to VS they may look dull in a sideby side comparison only.

Also samsung has a lottery system of random models getting samsung made panel while others getting chinese made panels.. although it actually does not make much difference in qualityof picture, it is something to be aware of.

The Latest And most advanced technology for televisions is OLEDTV.its very thin.can play 4k content.i would advise you to buy OLEDTV. regards.

Found a LG led tv for PKR 20K which is hd ready and can play divx format via USB meanwhile there is TCL led tv available for PKR 18,5K with hd ready. i guess i should go for LG, dont remember the model name to search on the internet for reviews

What is the price of this lcd?

Friend plz give suggestion for led monitor with hdmi port
i will use it with my hd 1080p receiver and also with pc
price range is 15000 to 18000
plz i answer , i need it