LCD HDTV Problem

Hello people ,

i recently bought Viewsonic HDTV VT2430 , its just awesome , but i am having a little problem with it

i am having trouble running Analog Cable which we usually put directly into coxial input to watch TV

when i connect Coax connectors , the channels appear in Black and White and without sound ,

so far , what i have have figured is that my TV is NTSC only and Cable signal is PAL , this is the only thing which is bugging me

is there any aftermarket converter available which can convert PAL-NTSC ?

there is no option available to change color scheme of TV , its NTSC only in my opinion ,

it works fine with Satellite decoder and quality is splendid , and it rocks on xbox360 , and builtin speakers are very powerful , i have tried TV through an LCD TV device and it works perfect , all i want is to use a single remote instead of 2 or 3

If you have the manual, read it carefully to check if it only supports NTSC scheme.... If it only supports NTSC than i think you should able to find NTSC to PAL converter device....

It will show the colors but it will not be upto ur expectations :(

Which city do you live in?

oooops u should have chk this b4 dear ! the model you specified only supports NTSC and not PAL !

it has Integrated ATSC/NTSC/QAM tunerand no PAL tuner at all.


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oooops u should have chk this b4 dear ! the model you specified only supports NTSC and not PAL !

it has Integrated ATSC/NTSC/QAM tunerand no PAL tuner at all.



you can use it for digital services from cable operators if they have digital QAM channels running

is there any converter type thing available which can convert PAL signal to NTSC ?

yes there are converters available in the market , search for a good quality one as most of them are not capable to give the best output .

tip number 1

do chk the DANY TV DEVICE , which has built in option to give NTSC output , i have a dany device n i think it has an option of selecting which type of output u want to have ? ntsc / pal / etc .

tip number 2

ask from ptcl cable , may b they are providing NTSC transmissions ! m not sure , google it if they are providing NTSC.

Ok, since a HDTV thread has already started let me pitch in my question

I am planning to buy the Sony BX300 LCD TV, i want to know will it catch the normal antenna channels easily (like i hook up the rooftop antenna to my TV, do Auto Scan and voila the tv catches it)

I have heard that these new LCD TV have difficulty in catching the analogue channel (like PTV, ATV)

Please dont advise cable, as my family doesnt allow it..... yet :)

Don't know for sure.... but if you can't tune automatically, you could always go manual.

@ member , first of all it is not advised to keep a HDTV for ptv and antenna transmission rcvng , bcz what you will see in PTV ? :) any how , i have tested it in my 2 LCDs and it catch the signal properly , bcz there is a simple tuner (just like other CRT tvs) also present in these TVs .

m not advising cable but you can lock the channels which you dnt want to see , i want you to let your family know the importance of QTV , madni tv , discovery channel , etc etc they are beneficial .

near about everything has positive as well as negative aspects , the main thing is how we are USING that thing. any how.

1. Check the DANY TV device to select the output you want between NTSC/PAL etc?

2. Check with the cable operator if they provide NTSC transmissions. If not sure, google it.