Latest pc games

salam guys as i have 50plus pc games which includes all famous titles and all latest released games,

i ws just thinking to start a service for those who dont have high speed internet or who dont have time for downloading.

those people can get games from me in cheap price

single dvd game would cost u just 35rs

double dvd game just 70

and 4dvd game in just 140rs

guys these are the cheapest rates all over pakistan:-)

in hafeez centre they charge 100r for a single dvd , a usual shop keeper charge 70rs for a single dvd whereas u will get double dvd game in 70rs

contact or sms 03434414059

i also download on demand ,

u can get any game by just telling me ,

by the way i hope the game in which u will be interested will already available in my hdd , as ALHAMDULILLAH i have 1tb hdd only for games data.

1assassins creed 3 brother hood(latest release)

2hunters the demon forge 2011(latest release)

3dirt3(latest release)

4dirt 2

5brink(latest release)

6portal 2(latest release)

7bulletstorm (latest release)

8red faction armageddon (latest release)

9shift2(latest release)

10alpha protocol

11archania gothic4 (latest release)

12battle field bad company 2

13bionic commando

14blood stone 007

15call of duty 4 modern warfare

16call of duty 5 world at war

17call of duty 6 modern warfare 2

18call of duty 7 black ops

19crysis warhead

20crysis 2 (latest release)

21cricket ashes 2009



24dead space 2 (latest release)

25dragon age2(latest release)

26formula 1 2010 racing

27far cry2

28fifa 2011

29front misson evolved

30gears of war


32gta 4

33gta 5 lost and dammned& the balad of the gay tonny

34gta sand andreas

35harrry potter and the deathly hallow

36left 4 dead 2

37lost planet 2


39mass effect2

40medal of honour 2010

41medal of honour air borne

42medal of honour spear head


44need for speed under ground2

45need for speed mostwanted

46need for speed undercover

47need for speed shift

48need for speed hot persuit 2 2010

49need for speed shift 2(latest release)

50price of persia forgotten sands

51pro evolution soccer 2011

52red alert 3

53red faction gurrila

54resident evil 4

55resident evil 5


57sniper warrior

58sonic heroes

59spiderman shattered dimensions

60splinter cell convition

61split second racing

62terminator salvation 4

63transformers the war of cybertron

64virtual tennis 2009

65devil may cry 4

66just cause 2

67age of empires2

68angry birds rio

69battle los angeles (latest release)

70counter strike 1.6

71counter strike source

72duke nukem forever (latest release)

73saboteur(latest release)

74fear3(latest release)

75homefront(latest release)

76king of fighters 2002

77king of fighters XIII(latest release)

78ninja blade

79section 8(latest release)

80witcher 2 assassins of king(latest release)

81total war shogun 2(latest release)

82arma2(latest release)

83)metro 2033(latest release)

84)batman arkham asylum

85) harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2( latest release)

86)cars 2 ( latest release)

87) virtual tennis 4( latest release)


89)mirrors edge

my location is lahore

i can also ship the games to other cities as well on buyers expense.

in the times of torrents and broadband who is gonna buy CDs and DVDs

[quote=“godfather, post:3, topic:15073”]

in the times of torrents and broadband who is gonna buy CDs and DVDs


those who dont have time for downloading, those who dont have high speed dsl, those who cant bear non working games after spending their precious time still depends on expensive dvds ( market)

do you use a Dual Layer DVD or conventional DVD when burning the games on the disk??