Last Cellphone bought - Share short review with pros and cons here

Hello Guys,

I am starting a new thread where you can share your experience of new phones you have bought and you can tell other members how was your experience and what are the pros and cons of that phone. I am starting with my review.

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I got a simple and inexpensive Samsung E1105F around a week ago. My Blackberry's trackball broke so I was without a working phone and got it from Saddar. And I am happy to say I am pretty much satisfied and amazed at its battery life. Here is a quick run down of the phone:

Cost Rs. 2100

FM Radio - Colour Screen

Excellent Keypad

4 days battery life with around 150 texts, 1 hour of radio, 1 hour phone calls

Good build quality


500 Contact Memory

300 SMS Memory

Multiple Alarms

Fake Call Feature

FM Radio - Programme Alert

Cons / Problems

No ability to add groups of contacts - for mass texting - but you can add multiple contacts

No MP3 ringtones

Default ringtones are not good - Not even a simple beep ring that is common in most phone - Almost all tones are stupid toyish ones

Screen is a bit washed out - Not a major issue for an inexpensive phone

I will highly recommend this phone to anyone as a backup phone and for someone who just needs a simple and basic phone with call and text capabilities.



So far too good.Just trying to fix some features...

Started blogging about it ;)

Please include some pros and cons as well. And close with your recommendation, whether this phone be bought or not.

Isn't this the very much same thread?

^ That thread is focused mainly on what mobile phone a person currently has. I wanted this to be a short review thread so that people may get an idea from this thread while considering a particular mobile.


^ The phone can still be bought second hand, and in Pakistan there is a huge market for second hand products. So you can still recommend it, IMHO.


^ Thanks for making changes to your post :). On another note, can we change the name of the thread, after it has been started?


Thanks. :). Just did that.

i always try to find phones like with less weight with full features my previous phone was 6220c from nokia which am using now as modem it is nice fone with best 5MP camera, solid build quality easy carry in pocket with lots of features only problem is it has low battery life when on 3g network and screen size is little small for multimedia purpose otherwise nice fone though

Now i have Samsung 8500 wave it also a good phone with very attractive display, HD video rec, rock solid build like you holding brick and one of the best battery life i've experience. only it has bad thing that very limited apps and games

last bought and now using Samsung wave GT S8530



plays Divx HD movies avi mkv

HD 720 video recording + lots of features in camera vintage panorama beauty etc..

New OS Samsung bada very stable and nice looking (only problem limited apps)

Awesome gaming 3D and HD games available at samsung app store

battery life is very good one charge let me play games and watch movies whole day (20H)


Limited app support but Developers are working on it

(previously i had Wave 8500 i sold it and got this new Wave 8530 aka wave 2)


Last bought nokia c5,


1. i am satisfy with the camera quality. It is ok to capture photos of yourself, relatives etc only in good light.

2. Battery time is amazing.

3. Very good keypad.

4. Design is excellent, Sleek and stylish


Camera quality is not exceptional and specially in low light result is very poor. I had to take a lot of shot then i get a readable digital photo of my id card.

Here is a Picture taken with my Samsung wave ll

(no any color correction or photo retouches except re-size only)


@ armada

will you take a shot of your id and share with me?

mine is 3.15 megapixel.

i took that shot with my c5. only resizing.


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@ armada

will you take a shot of your id and share with me?


what you mean to it plz elaborate it bit amore

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what you mean to it plz elaborate it bit amore

will you take a shot some part of your cnic. better back side lower portion to hide personal info. i want to see the result.

@ Armada

That photo taken with Samsung Wave is just mind blowing. Very nice colour reproduction and no noise at all.