LASIK eye surgery in Pakistan

Well i kno AMANAT EYE HOSPITAL in rawalpindi.

but they do only Laser PRK.

i hv heard LASIK is more advance technology for vision correction.

so i m asking here is it available anywhere in Pakistan.

anybody has any experience? Please describe.

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i have done my LASIK in Karachi almost 5 years back in tariq road they are called laser eye institute also there is another by the name TAJ eye hospital in gulshan e Iqbal they charged me 20k for both eyes as it was Ramadan so they were giving special discount after my surgery my sister also did the lasik though she had cylindrical number but she is happy with the results so am i

hope this helps

i have also done my laser eye treatment from laser vision, model town,lahore before ten years my eyes are weak round about eyes are working fine even ten years spended i dont know which treatment they do lasik or prk but its working fine only one problem i faced in this period after every year i need to use 2 eye drops (Fml Forte and naclof)otherwise my eyes start pain.

videos of LASIK

hmm i hv already seen vidz regarding Lasik

well in Amanat eye hospital , they said PRK is best for vision correction. But while surfing internet, i cam to know that LASIK is much more effective for vision correction.

There isnt much pain and effects involv in LASIK but PRK definatly put lots of side effects on eye.

please tellme full address of those hospitals where you got treated. In Lahore and Karachi please.

i ll definatly visit very soon. i hv to...

i m planning to go for a laser surgery as well in next two months. Suggest me

@ punk

yar dont go to Amanat eye hospital. they dont hav Lasik available there. They do PRK. which is not adviced by anyone. im searching someone who treat with Lasik. i hv heard Lasik is much more advance and pain free option for vision correction.

i think i ll go to karachi or lahore next month for lasik. gud luck to you too bro..

any thing in Islamabasd?

i dnno about isb. as u live in isb. u shud try to search a place .,, and dont forget to letme know aswel.

Well I went to MH for medical advice on getting my eyes fixed by laser treatment. The Doc there told me that its a cosmetic surgery and has a 95% success rate. I asked about the remaining 5% and he said they develop various problems from minor irritation to an extreme where there is a possibility of complete loss of vision. Also there are no guarantees of your vision staying 6/6 for very long after a successful laser tratment. I have about -1.00 for both eyes. Doc told me that its not that much, so try living with it. By the way, medically speaking, risk of 5% is considered high.

@ madskilled

Hey is cosmetic surgery and Lasik the same thing? i dont think so.

@ faysi9

Lasik is a laser treatment similar to PRK. The doc at Military Hospital (Rawalpindi) told me that it is actually a cosmetic surgery. It makes you lose spectacle doesn't it. So its cosmetic. I mean its not a necessity as such. If you live in rwp, then do pay a visit to a good eye doctor like in MH, CMH e.t.c. They will give a better perspective at things.

@ madskilled

thanx for such info

i would definatly go for lasik.

Searching a good place in the country. already visited many reputed places in isb and rwp.

now i ll viist lahore and karachi. and i hv done research. im impressd with this thing and definatly for for it .but for lasik not for Prk for sure. thnx bro

You are Welcome.

i had my laser done around 4 years back from LRBT Lahore. they are experts in what they do....YES it is a TRUST hospital but they really know what they are doing.

@ wizard

wat kind of laser bro. please elaborate a little

I got my PRK surgery from Amanat Eye Hospital by Dr. Aamir Israr. Amanat Eye Hospital was recommended to me by a friend of mine who is a well renowned eye specialist (Ophthalmologist) and a refractive surgeon in UK. He also recommended that I should get my surgery performed by Dr. Aamir Israr only, as there are a number of eye specialists from all over Pakistan who come to perform PRK at Amanat Eye Hospital.

My vision was very poor and I was fed up of wearing specs all the time. Then I visited Amanat Eye. I was impressed by the concerned attitude of Dr. Aamir and his staff. They told me that they only perform PRK and not LASIK. I wanted to go in for LASIK so I went back and had a complete comparative study of PRK and LASIK. The only difference I found was of recovery or healing period of upper film of eye (Epithelium). But with PRK the surgeon has a wider range of refractive error correction and management. So I decided to go in for PRK. Surgery took only a few monutes and I left for home within an hour. The initial few days after PRK were a bit painful (nothing unbearable), but later the pain subsided and my vision was perfect.

In my opion both PRK and LASIK are safe procedures, what matters is the institute from which you get your surgery performed and the surgeon matters a lot, because I think that a surgeon who cannot provide you post surgery service is of no use, and I got the best possible post surgery treatment at Amanat Eye. I recommend ali to go to Amanat Eye Hospital for PRK.

@ kashif2010

Nice to hear that u hv got treated successfully.

i know many people who got success in PRK. But having studied both, i hv heard LASIK is painless method, fast and more reliable one. i think i hav to visit the places where they do LASIK and then shud decide wat to go for.

@kashif and @faysi9


the only differene between the LASIK and PRK(LASEK) is the number of layers they cut from your cornea (Storma and Epithelium). In LASIK both the layers are cut while in PRK only Epithelium is cut. But the matter of fact is that its not you (Patient) who decides whether to go for LASIK or LASEK in fact it depends on the thickness and health of your corneal tissues. if you got less or weak tissues, you are going for LASEK where they cut the epithelium only which causes a bit pain (mild) after the local anesthesia passes out. you will need near about a month to get your almost 6/6. while in lasik no after surgery pains and you need only a couple of days to get your almost 6/6.


i have a question. did they put temporary plastic lenses which they took out after two days? because i was told prof. Dr. Wajid (opthalmologist) who also uses Amanat Eye Hospital for the surgery that these are protective lenses and are a part of the procedure. Is this correct?