Laptop's display got trouble and been split horizontally! [solved]

I got trouble(I guess some serious trouble) with my laptop when I was working late night yesterday and fell asleep.

I actually was working on my bed and I fell asleep, don't know what was the time.. I was working good before that and my phone was attached via USB to the Laptop (with Win-7 64bit)

after a couple of hours I got up and saw the laptop was still on and the display was black. thought it be asleep as well but it wasn't. I hit some keys but it didn't respond. then I just powered it off and restarted.

And then what I see was a fully broken display on the screen. and then it adjusted itself in half, splitting the display in two (horizontally, stretched, with very low bits).

It's what I see right when I start the laptop.



Following are errors I found in the Event Viewer (none of them I saw when they occurred. May be I was asleep.)

[in ascending order]

I don't know about the following shutdown/reboot event, how and when did it happen. never before my eyes at least.

Following error is the one related to the display (nvidia). but as I said that the display even is not good when not in Windows.




Any CLUE about the Card itself (as hardware).... is it dead?????

WTF :mad:

I just restored to the last good state in Windows. and it's fixed.......... (Thanks to it anyways.... BUT????...)

I mean.... I am not sure what happened. How the Windows restore just fixed that? (you would need to watch the video above to get what I mean here.)

Its really strange. I mean if it was some hardware problem (and I think it was) then it should not be fixed with system restore.

Try to move your screen lid, if the horizontal line problem comes again. Normally its bcoz of the cable of lcd screen, might be loose or something. if the screen is flickering while moving the lid then I think the problem will come back again.

KA, the usual cause for this type of problem is that your video hardware chip (GPU) is most likely about to die. If your laptop has Nvidia 8400M or 8600M GS or GT GPU, then it is a known factory defect in those chips. Does your laptop have those chips?


It's strange to me as well. but I also tried to tap hard on the lid, on the back, folded it faster to make it able to loose it again. but it's just good as it was earlier... I even didn't see such a problem in 2 years with this laptop. And even didn't see such a fix to such a problem in my whole experience till now. Any ways.


The one in this laptop is "8600M GS". I also have heard some issues with them, not now but far before... As I mentioned above that this laptop is with me for a bit more than 2 years. I used Windos XP on it, then Win 7 32 bit and now I am using 64 bit Win 7 for a month or a bit more. It never give me such a trouble before in 2 years as I've heard people have got. I don't think that it's the same issue which have caused to people out there. It could be possible that not all of the chips were faulty or some thing else.. but it's true that I never have had such an issue with it till I was on 32 bit Win-7.. Though I have an issue on Windows 7 64-bit that I couldn't get the driver of 8600M GS for 64-bit OS. And I was relying on a general driver (downloaded from nvidia), which actually have caused blue screens a few times. And I believe that this issue was also caused due to the display driver or hardware itself.

But the thing is that how could a System Restore in Windows, fix that if the hardware itself would have been the issue? As it was also appearing to me that the issue is related to the hardware after experiencing the split display even before the BIOS where Windows has nothing to do with it.

One of my colleagues here thought that may be, the card(hardware) was actually troubling and got fixed automatically after some restarts but it may be just a co-incidence that it got fixed after a system restore....

Then.... I am not sure about that because I had tried restarting the the laptop at home 3 or 4 times (in normal mode and as well in safe mode) right when I found it in this state of trouble. Normal Mode was actually not working and was stopping to respond after the Windows starting progress bar. The safe mode was working good but these pushes of turning off/on the laptop was not helpful and I just packed it and went to sleep... And today morning in office I again started the laptop and found in the same state. Tried to get screenshots in safe mode, made video and etc.. restarted 1 or 2 times and got back in to safe mode to review the event log. Then without finding any thing useful I restored the system to last good state. By doing this restore I was 0% hoping for the issue to be fixed, I even didn't think about that it could fix the issue. I just did it any way because I was already having a plan to visit colleague's brother at Megaplus with the laptop. It was just surprising for me to see it fixed just after a restore....

Now I am convinced it is your GPU. Similar errors started happening on my computer about a year ago. I had Dell XPS M1530 with Nvidia 8600M GT. I did not have split screen but some times by computer would refuse to go into sleep mode even though the LCD was off and other times my computer would abruptly reboot. Once the screen got black and white and the only way I corrected the problem was to uninstall and reinstall the video driver.

The problem with these chips is that the dye inside is of inferior quality. When you run GPU intensive applications of your computer like a 3-D Game, your GPU heats up. When it crosses a certain temperature the dye inside partially melts. Then when the PC is off the dye contracts. When the above happens multiple of times, like 100 or so times, the dye cracks and your GPU dies. So, it has nothing to do with the time of use but the number of cycles the above situation happens. My XPS 1530 also died after about 2 years of use.

The solution is if you can have the entire motherboard replaced under warranty. If you do not have that then I recommend you immediately switch to the onboard graphics (provided your model has this option) and stop using the Nividia chip. You will have some loss in performance but at least you will not lose your entire computer, because when the Nvidia GPU dies the on board Dell BIOS will not allow the computer to boot, you will be stuck at POST with a blank screen and there is no way to correct the problem then.

See if your model is affected here

See some info on it from Dell

Post 3

Post 4

Nvidia Law suite

^Thanks. these were useful references..