Laptop Service & Repair

Please suggest a good place/shop in Hafeez Centre or anywhere in Lahore who are trustworthy and capable enough to service & repair a laptop.

Would appreciate the help!

May I know what kind of repair you are seeking ?

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May I know what kind of repair you are seeking ?


There’s a problem with the display of the laptop. Its a sony vaio. There’s an issue with the vga, i am pretty sure.

What does it do ? Dead Display ? or runs sometimes and disappears at random ?

Have you checked it on external monitor ? What are the results ?

You might be able to find plenty of Laptop repairing markets at Barkat Market, New Garden Town in Lahore as well....

Once you get your laptop repared then you are a dead man.... :angry:

Dnt hope for a fault in board.... I think first you should make sure that it is not the fault of ram... Very often display problem occurs due to ram... And in Hafeez centre sb k sb choor hain... I had lost my laptop there :(...