Laptop Help

My friends Laptop (HP Centrino) crashed. He went to Techno city to resolve the problem but they are asking a very high price for repairs.

basically he wants to restore all hi data and re-install the windows. Problem is that the drivers and Windows setup CD's that came with the laptop are in Arabic.

So what should he do. Is there any alternative where he can restore his data without having to pay to the repair guy.

Hire an arabic translator from some madrassa at extremely low rates. :)

There should be an English disc too. Or just use a normal windows disc of the same version (XP SP1/SP2, Vista 32-bit, Vista-64bit / SP1 etc..) and fix the system.

Did they mention if it's a hardware problem?

the drivers can easily be found on hps website granted u know the model number

if u use the restore disc, ur data is all gone anyway. If its not in warrenty, remove the disk and salvage the data. put the disk back in and restore teh thing to its factory settings

HP Laptops also have a separate restore partition. Mine did not had any CD's. Had to burn restore CD's using the recovery partition.

And a tip from by bad experience. if ur making restore disks, use the highest quality CDs/DVDs u can find, and make multiple copies. (Manually. HP recovery wont let u burn multiple copies)