Laptop DIED - help please?

So i was playing chess on my laptop when suddenly i saw a blue screen and laptop crashed. I restarted it and now it dsnt go past that logo screen which says COMPAQ. After that, i just get a black screen with cursor blinking. I tried pressing F8 and F10 but nothing happens. But when i press F10 on compaq logo screen, it takes me to bios. But i am unable to boot laptop in safe mode.

Can someone tell me whats the issue? And how can i fix it? And if its some hardware problem then where can i get it fixed in lahore, its HP compaq presario. Please suggest me a reliable official shop for laptops Lahore only.

Thanks alot.

a new fresh copy of windows seems to be the only way out for you...

Turn off the slot where your gpu in the bios menu, I have this feeling something is wrong with the graphics chips in your lappy.

Format and re install the OS.... nothing else. may you need to upgrade your windows from microsoft if you want to avoid such type of crashes in future.

BUT HOW DO I REINSTALL? I dont have a hard copy of my genuine windwows vista, it was installed when the laptop was purchased and laptop wont boot in safe mode. How can i reinstall? Any help!

@ Zazzyo > if i turn off gpu, will that turn off my built in graphics card? Where can i find the option to turn it off, thanks.

I have tried to run HDD self diagnostic check from BIOS and the result said " TEST FAIL - that means HDD is gone all of sudden? Is there any way i can get my data back?! And can someone suggest me a place to get it checked in LAHORE. Much thanks.

PLease before going to any shop atleast try removing the hard drive and then put it back again.

will sure do that, but can u (or someone) suggest me some good reliable ship in Lahore?

The problem lies either with you battery, its not charged or else check the Graphic Card of your laptop....

burn Ubuntu linux to usb or writable disc. Then boot from that.

In past, did you skip disc checks?

Which antivirus product were you using? Any firewall?

Shukar kru k laptop bach gya hai.. chek hard disk..

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The problem lies either with you battery, its not charged or else check the Graphic Card of your laptop…


If it is showing the logo of Compaq then how can u say it is the problem of display… I think it is either the problem of OS or the problem of Hard disk…