Laptop cooling pads - Too pricy for what they're worth

I went to Hafeez Center Lahore the other day to look for laptop cooling pad. I was disappointed to see that they are just a computer fan fitted inside a plastic assembly but the shopkeepers were demanding 850 - 1150+. What's the deal with that? Its not that I am looking to get one for free or for a couple hundred rupees but ~1000 for a cpu cooling fan fitted in a plastic assembly is way too much. It should not be more than 500 PKR.

I think these "lot-importing" shopkeepers of markets like Hafeez Center exploit the users. What do you guys say about this?

I know it's not going to do anything as traders in our country are used to make cartels and sell goods on their own price regardless of the actual cost, but I am just taking some frustration out.


I dont even consider it worthy to be purchased. I bought one from dubai for dirt cheap. couple of hundreds. Its not practical to use

well i guess for the people who use their laptops for long hours, ought to have cooling pad in place. Well we can't even deny the fact that its not that much of a use than just giving laptop proper ergonomics to type on .