Laptop Battery

Im using Thinkpad was giving me battery time of about 1 hour, with moderate power usage.....but now with the same power usage its giving no more than 7 minutes

the battery gets fully charged too quickly too

how can battery life reduce to this much extent in a week ?

what could be the possible reasons ??

+ is dere a way i can keep the battery charging even when it detects the laptop battery is fully charged ? cuz may b its not getting fully charged..

Search laptop battery here in the forum. Your problem was discussed extensively.

are u referring to

It does not answer ma questions

As u noe these batteries are intelligent, like if u r on AC adapter dey will detect battery temperature and if its too high it will stop charging and many other features....I wanted to know if I can change the "total charge capacity" value....

cuz i dont think so battery life can reduce so significantly in such less time, ive been using the same battery for about 2 years and its battery life was reducing very gradually, how can it reduce so abruptly

go to any battery repair shop n get the battery circuit checked nt the battery cell but its circuit hope it will help