Laptop Battery Repairing


My Laptop lenovo T61 battery give a backup of 30Mins only. i was planning to buy a new one, when someone told me about the repairing science, in which they just replace the battery cells and battery board detects them and battery works as fine as a new one can.

have anyone tried the repairing? is it work fine? advice?

dude get new one..... it wont be reliable ...

repairing batteries does not make any sense atleast to me, if you are in the habit of running your laptop continuously on A.C then remove the batteries because battery tends to charge everynow and then, this drops the efficiency of your battery considerably, memory affect etc.

Well i suggest you to get a new battery.

Yeah its better to you to run the laptop on AC power if you tend to use on AC power the battery wont help you!

change ur battry cells..

just found this that seems a good idea, i em thinking to give it a try.

Repairing batteries is futile. When using your laptop for longer times on AC, remove the batteries. They will charge frequently losing efficiency. Buying a new battery is a better idea.

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just found this that seems a good idea, i em thinking to give it a try.

A very old laptop is shown in the video, it was quite possible to seal them back, but newer models batteries are not that easy to seal back, i have seen the laptops damaged severely coz of badly sealed batteries.

I would agree with many others above, dont repair, get a new one, this goes for the charger/adopter as well.

^ yes i just failed even to open my Dell Inspiron 1525's battery, it is locked tightly and cells are sealed in a very tough way,,,

so i kicked the idea to change battery cells,,,,

BTW what damage you have seen coz of not properly sealed batteries ? i hope it couldnt damage until and unless it get burst due to moisture or water ?

cell got leaked and then as the battery was not sealed properly, the liquid spilled into machine, motherboard was dead. in another machine the liquid rusted the charging point.

One of my Friend tried this ,

New battery Costs 4k and repairing was @ cost 2k.

The battery goes OK for the first two months and after that backup time decrease to 30 mins , lol

better to buy new one