Laptop Battery Problem - Dell Latitude D630

Hi Mates,

My 2/3 months old DELL latitude D630 Battery GOT Dead (not working), Its Made In Malaysia & and Battery is also original (With Korean Cell).

Is there have any Claim on Batteries ? Or Tell me, How to Buy a Original battery In Pakistan, Any Trusted Place in Multan Or Lahore for it, and How much it will cost ?



-Where did you get D630?

-How did the battery perform before went dead?

-How and when did you start noticing your battery was getting worst?

-How do you know it's really dead?

A good new battery would easily be identified by its finishing. Most probably you would get Chinese ones here. you would get better quality battery around 4k or 5k (8/9cells). not sure about the price though.

To check the battery's current health you can use the Utility as discussed in following thread.

How can you say exactly that the battery is dead, may be your charger is unable to charge the battery properly. Yes, laptop will power on with charger, but if its not providing proper vatts / amps required battery wont charge. Then there might be a problem within the laptop as well. Anyhow, the first thing to check is your charger.

You will not get genuine batteries here, you will get 1st copy batteries (with 3 months warranty) here which works fine. Price would be around 4/5k in Lahore. I have mentioned in my another post as well, that 1st copy is the best you can get, someone may sell the same to you for 7/8k claiming its a genuine one. Without taking names, I know some manufacturers office selling same chargers / batteries for much higher margins. I guess, there are people who get satisfied by paying more :)

You can use with direct power! if you have some battery issues....

Original 2/3 months old battery got dead? Infact the dell d630 battery does not belong to the dell battery program (, and most of 3rd party batteries can last one year. I guess some just put some used battery cells in the pack or the hardware/software issues like power control or supply. You may also check the compatibility part of the battery on the laptop:

Compatible Dell Latitude d630 Batteries P/N:

* Dell 310-6321

* Dell 310-6322

* Dell 312-0339

* Dell 312-0340

* Dell 312-0348

* Dell 312-0349

* Dell 312-0350

* Dell C5974

* Dell D5318

* Dell F5635

* Dell G5260

* Dell G5266

* Dell U4873


You can also try luck looking the original battery at with this codes.