Laptop battery Cells


My laptop battery has expired to its limit. I want to change battery cells as buying a new battery is expensive and secondly, LG laptop battery isnt easily available. Can anybody please tell me of a shop/place in Rawalpindi/Lahore where they offer such service of cell replacement?

You can't change battery cells. You'll have to buy a new one

ofcourse you can change the cells. But the replacement cells wont give you the desired backup for 2 reasons.

Reason 1 : if you get brand new cells they r not of high quality and hence no good backup

reason 2: Almost all replace your cells with cells from used laptop batteries which give hardly a backup of one hour or 1.5 if your really lucky.

Its better you save up and buy a new battery.. or if dats not an option then go for da new china cells instead of used cells.Atleast they will be better than used.