Landline calls routed to my 3G/4G cellphone

I have PTCL Landline connection which I currently use for residential purposes. I also have 2MB Broadband DSL along with it.

I am thinking of using Zong's 4G connection along with a mobile application to make and receive calls. Before that, I've tried using PTCL SmartLink app, but it's very sketchy and not reliable, plus it was last updated by PTCL in April 2015. So, I'm thinking of making my own solution, which is a bit more reliable.

So, these the things I would be using (Everything is registered under my name and cnic.):

1) FXO Gateway : To connect my traditional PSTN with SIP.

2) Bria mobile VOIP application for call handling.

3) Active DSL connection : for forwarding call via SIP

4) PTCL Landline : to forward calls to FXO gateway

5) Smartphone with 3G/4G enabled : to receive calls

So, my FXO gateway is routing all of the incoming calls to SIP address in my phone. I am using callcentric to receive inbound calls on my mobile phone via Bria mobile app as theirs is the only one working. Not to my surprise, it's working a lot better than PTCL's app. Battery drainage is still an issue because app would have to be kept on in background to keep the connection alive.

So basically, I wanted to know if I can use this kind of setup for my personal usage?


The only issue is that Voice traffic on a data network is not allowed by PTA (under pressure from local operators to protect investment) ... though the main target is the so-called illegal exchanges (grey traffic ... wouldn't be grey if VoIP were allowed here) ... and as you have seen yourself, PTCL is offering same service but not allowing others to compete ... some ISPs require one to get permission first ... it's a mess ... shouldn't be a problem for personal usage though!

Anyways ... in my view the landline is no longer needed ... why do you want to keep the landline especially from PTCL?



The reason I need to use this landline is that I've given this number everywhere and I have been using this number for many years. Recently, I've made trips overseas and I happen to find out that PTCL SmartLink app doesn't work overseas. So, my main reason is to stay in touch. Ofcourse, I intend it for personal use only, so there won't be any issues in regards to 'grey traffic' by illegal exchanges.

I've also tried one VOIP number from Freezvon and they provided me with 051 (Islamabad) number. I was paying $$25/month for it, but they recently started charging US$0.2/min without any prior notice. Also, they doubled the montlhy plan. Therefore, it's not feasible anymore. So.... in my setup, I have only two channels (incoming and outgoing) from one PSTN number only which is registered under my name and CNIC.

I tried to use mobile with roaming facility, but I found it to be extremely expensive though (incoming for Rs.263/min ... equivalent to US$2.5/min)

I've scorched through PTA's website and couldn't find substantial info regarding personal usage, but I presume everyone in Pakistan is using Skype . And they look for 'grey traffic' patterns to catch illegal exchanges.

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Thanks for your Input Bro.

Your proposed solution can ONLY work if you are inside Pakistan.

My PTCL line is itself connected to Data Network, via PTCL SmartLink.

I’ve also tried PTCL SmartLink app and it’s working both inside and outside Pakistan.

sir plz tell me how to block website using ptcl modem.Now this time new function appear port number?

I have perfect solution for you. Your own number will travel with you throughout world.

do contact if you are interested.

Kindly share your thoughts regarding this via msg if you have both a workable and cost-effective solution.

Despite this reply/ suggestion is very late, but may be you still need one.
Have you tried Invoxia Voice Bridge or ObiTalk OBI212? As per my understanding, you desire a similar solution.
Linksys SPA3102 is another solution for the similar requirement and it may be currently available in Pakistan.

Problem with Invoxia Voice Bridge solution is that calls get forwarded to Voice Bridge App only. Your cellphone must be in cellphone coverage area and its data package must be active. Invoxia has limit of 5 devices.

Obihai212 is a slightly better solution. One can use Obihai212’s FXO line to route calls basically from anywhere to any other phone number, SIP, IAX, etc.

I created a slightly simpler solution by using one FXO adapter, Raspberry Pi 3 running Asterisk and an Old Huawei Dongle with local sim running Chan_Dongle script. This way, I can forward landline calls via GSM to my Pakistani cellphone (if I am in Pakistan) and at the same time, via any SIP service or my choice (if I am outside Pakistan). I use Google Voice’s XMPP service, so it’s fairly easy to forward calls to US/Canada with Google Voice trunk via OAuth 2.0 Playground.