Landing rights?,,,,,

IN the mid of august pemra impose ban on all the channels does not have the landing rights,,, since than we are getting B GRADE channels line up... LAST Week i visited my frnd in garden area of karachi.. they were getting all the channels which were ban by pemra due to landing rights,,,even they were getting indian news channels over there.. and indian news channels are the biggest critics of pakistan in the world. where is pemra rights now... what abt those channels which have landing rights from pemra... like sky news. dw tv. fox news ,,, why cable operators does not telecast these channels,,, i leave in gulistan-e-johar, i asked by cable wala 100 times regarding this ,,, but he never answered my question,,, his only answer is this k yar pemra gonna cancel our license if we air these channels ,,,, if u guys agree with me than leave comments on my post,.. it is open demonstration agst pemra and crap cable operators,,,, one of the members posted a topic regrading WB CHANNEL gets landing rights from pemra... i wanted to know is it true,, bcoz i checked pemra site and loaded the list of channels which have the landing rights,,, but it does not include WB channel..... any member plz update me regarding this................

Some small particular cable companies do broadcast those channels which are banned by pemra.

Some do not,,, because they are afraid of the fines. Its a matter of what these companies can get away with sometimes.

Companies who have an idea of their broadcast being monitored by pemra has to avoid showing banned channels definitely. When i visited murree couple of years ago channels like mnet and zee were being shown throughout a day with no interruptions. Similar thing I observed in nowshera and my village near kahuta. Major cities having major areas are always under scrutiny that's why companies never take risk cauz after all it's their own business giving them livelihood. Worldcall when first burst onto the scene in early 2009 in Islamabad they tried to give those banned channels but they were not allowed to do so. That's why their digital system contains those channels (a mystery), which is now dead actually after two main packages multichoice and osn dissapeared from here.

I have already given my view on this issue of landing rights that channels who obtain rights from pemra will only be allowed to be broadcasted in our territory. Not only in our country but in other countries the same rule applies. Bad luck is that we don't have any operator like multichoice in our country rather we have relied on star channels which we know are low grade channels. So bottomline is that our line up of channels will remain the same containing our crappy national channels who are only pouplar in mirch masala kind of entertainment.