LAN Games for Office Laptops?

Hey guys.. in our office we are given laptops and they have internal graphics card (Intel).. Now we want to play a few games on LAN just to pass the time sometimes.. Any suggestions?

We installed Fifa and it does work on LAN and also runs pretty well on our Office Laptops considering the graphic card in the laptops suck. Tried installing PES and SF4 but both give me the Direct 3D error :S

I'd say Quake III Arena. I've got it installed on every computer at work - they're all celerons. Works great.

How I love that game...

Install DOTA & forget work! :P

try counter strike

We actually dont prefer the first person shooters though :P.. CS would run perfectly though.. will install it..

Any other sport games?

Install warcraft3/DOTA seriously if you get the hang of it, you won't stop playing it.

try fifa online 2 if u hav a good net connection

u can play it like lan