Lahore was to get an imax theatre but now it has run into problems

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IMAX Theatre payment may go down the drain

By Intikhab Hanif

LAHORE, June 1: Punjab is going to lose Rs150 million the previous government had paid to a foreign company for making IMAX Theatre equipment if it is not imported in near future.The previous government wanted to build an IMAX Theatre in Lahore Gulberg’s Doongi Ground but the project was stopped because of litigation started soon afterwards.

Official sources informed Dawn on Sunday that the company had asked the Punjab government to shift the equipment by Dec 31, 2007, or it would impose demurrages or demand storage charges.

The equipment made exclusively for the Lahore’s IMAX , is lying with the company for the last two-and-a-half years.

The provincial government had reportedly paid Rs150 million to the company with which it had signed an agreement, for the equipment custom made especially for the Lahore IMX Theatre.

Official sources said the company had also conveyed the provincial government that it would not impose demurrages or demand storage charges provided the government assured it to purchase another IMAX Theatre for some other city.

They said the company had not shipped the equipment to Lahore because of the litigation. Since then it had been waiting for a nod from the provincial government so that it could send the equipment, they said.

“Luckily, the company is not demanding storage charges since 2006 because of the guarantee provided in the agreement,” a source said.

He said the company was asked to ship the equipment last year so that it could be installed somewhere else in the province but it refused to do so saying the apparatus was exclusively built for Lahore.

The government should select another land for the theatre in Lahore, or it will lose the money already paid for the equipment, he said.


I think they should concentrate on bringing the cinema culture back before they move up to IMAX.

i don't think opening up an imax theatre will hurt, in fact, it will help in restoring the cinema culture.

i agree with ghaznavi, the more cinemas and advanced technologies we have the better,

man i want big screens and a lot of english movies in cinema... hate this mofo #$%# of politics... mm alam road is where it was being constructed... imax would rock if it is made here... although i heard that karachi has it

IMAX though expensive will bring back the people to cinema culture.. what is IMAX its a nice clean place with educated families with high quality tech showing a movie people want to watch on payment...

the smoking shouting n dirty broken cinemas with poor quality films.(not criticizing movies theme or acting here)..

h4tEbr33d>>no imax theatre is in karachi buddy, although dubai has one

okay i get it... i thought i heard it once... well untill then dhacinema rocks for me

What I heard, was that Doongi ground is the only available

playground for the residents of that area. It was specified

as an amenity plot and could not be used for any commer-

cial venture, as per law. Some land mafia moved in slowly

and started construction. The shocked civil society went

into action and moved the courts.

This, along with Murree-II Project and other real-estate

scams was stopped dead in it's track by CJ Iftikhar Mohd.

Chaudhry, much to the chagrin of the Bros, from Gujrat.

But I am sure there is plenty of good space in DHA Lahore

where this thing could be peddled for the elite.




Sheikh 'Chey Annay Wala' Chilli

the previous goverment has done many things like that... like all the other governments before they have earned billions of dollars from our pockets