Lahore Unlimited!

Get ready Lahore & keep your phones charged ! Now make unlimited calls without worrying about the balance or the time of the day you are calling with Lahore Unlimited!

Make unlimited calls to all your friends and family and say it all with Zong ! You are one of the largest city of Pakistan, filled with rich cultural values and we know you enjoy to be in touch with others and be with them in all situations. Through this offer Zong is offering deals of the deals to Lahorites i.e. all you can talk and in 199+tax(terms & conditions apply)*, not just this, to double the heat customers would also get an amazing SMS offer, that too unlimited for whole month, now is there a hotter offer than this??

well i think this is the best CALL + SMS package ever introduced.... i em seriously considering to get "port in" to Zong....

no doubt its hottest offer !!!

Bla bla bla....

For just one month. :-/

Is it for Lahore only? If 'yes' then Not a best package at all.

those days are not so far when the telecom companies will pay US to do Call and SMS

Why lahore ?

I know lahore is fun place,

I know they have funny accents there,

but why keep the fun to that place only ?

boggles the mind ?

its just marketing strategy besides they want to see what response they will get in Lahore for their package at the same time creating interest and demand from other cities =) for their package.

2500 minutes and 500 sms/day! Not a very attractive deal if you keep in mind that Zong has the Worst coverage in Lahore. :P No signals in the major areas.

Zong is giving Location Based Charging and similar package to other 25 cities, check zong's website.