Lahore: 3 killed in Navy War College blasts

LAHORE: Three persons were killed and several injured Tuesday after four loud explosions at Pakistan Navy War College near Mall Road Underpass in Lahore.

According to Navy sources three persons have been killed in the blast.

The blasts were occurred in a truck parked in the college when students were attending their classes.

Ambulances reached to the place after the incident and were transporting injured to city hospitals.


Whats going to happen to this country :/

Very Sad news

I pray these terrorists all go to Hell and leave us in peace.

all the country situation is far away from wt we call "PEACE",

this is one of the sign of 'qeyamat', that the a time wil come wn people will b unaware "why they are being killed"? and those who will kill them will be unaware why they they are doing so..