Kung Fu Movies

When I was younger I used to be crazy about Martial arts movies. My favorites were Shaolin movies, mostly of Jackie Chan. That was 20 years ago. I came across a torrent for one of those movies and saw is again. It was called Shaolin Chamber Of Death. Lol, was just fantastic watching it again grown up.

The hero is called Dummy, the villian is called Fu*k Yew and there is huge evil Punjabi film laugh when the villain enters the scene.

Watch it if you can it will make your day! Snake style, crane fist, monkey claw and dragon roar GOODNess! :lol:

its not that kungfu or anything but have you seen blood sport 1 (rest is crap) starrer Jean Claude Van Damme, its quite good actually have all kinds of martial arts stuff.

You guyz should watch KungFu Panda..its the movie of the year

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You guyz should watch KungFu Panda…its the movie of the year

i m waitin for the dvd print of it to come out looks like a good movie

kung fu panda was fun but not that much

i loved tai chi 2 ... jet lee movie... it had sun style and the magic stance... really amazing stuff

otherwise actionwise i would recommend tom yum goong aka the protector ... it has the most amazing fighting sequences ever and also because it is all original(no effects or stupid flying) and still it is so good that you will forget kung fu stuff

hey have you guyz watched forbidden kingdom starring Jackie Chan and Jet Lee... looks one heck of a movie

i loved Fear Less jet lee's film

Jackie Chan's films are also Good

i have heard alot about forbidden kingdom its first time these two are in a film

seen some of the clips of this film

I like kung fu movies alot and shaloin movies are just amazing.

watch kungfu panda LOL...

BTW its worth watch

Kung Fu Hustle !! ;)

watch tht SHAAOLin SOCCER

its cool

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watch tht SHAAOLin SOCCER

its cool


yeah good but its too unrealistic!

the protector is not a kung fu movie but muay thai... but better than kung fu fighting... realistic and amazing #$%#

good to see kung fu movies lovers here

my elder brother is a martial arts player..black belt.. and now i am also fan of kung-fu, hong kong martial arts movies

let me show you some of his dvd titles.

1-Tom Yum goong

2-Ong Bak

3-Flash Point

4-Dragon tiger gate

4-Kill zone

5-Forbidon kingdom

6-Born to Fight

7-Kung fu hustle

8-Hustle & flow

9-Shanghai Knights

10- Shanghai noon

11-The Medallion

12-Drunken Master

13-Playboy cops

hmm not remember all

i will post more titles later..

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watch tht SHAAOLin SOCCER

its cool


watched it like 10 times… awesome!