Korean mobiles vs orignal

What is this all korean mobiles?... I dont understand why they are so cheap .

Can any body explain

^ These are two things.

First, there are official korean variants of branded phones, but these are not what you need to be concerned about.

The other one, "korean clones" (usually shortened to just "korean" phone to deceive buyers) are the ones worth sh!t. They're chinese phones that look like original ones, except they're complete and utter crap. Never buy these. Even Qmobiles are far better than these...

Korean Phones are different variant of branded phones that are made in Korea for their own people. There is a huge scam running buy fraudsters those who sell cheap Chinese or faulty Refurbished phones to buyers. I would say avoid anything that labelled Korean, there is a higher change that you will get a fake/defective product.

Korean phones are made specifically for Korea, to comply with their safety standards and to be fully compatible with their networks.

There are 3 different networks in Korea:
KT - Korea Telecom
SKT - South Korea Telecom
LG U+ - LG U Plus

Let me give you an example of a Korean variant device, Galaxy S6.

The normal international Galaxy S6, is SM-G920F, but in Korea each carrier gets its own device with that letter at the end, so a Galaxy S6 for KT would be SM-G920K, for SKT it would be SM-G920S, and for LG U+ it would be SM-G920L.

In most cases, the Korean variants are not much different in terms of hardware, the modem/LTE chip inside is the only difference as Korean devices are meant to work with LTE-A which is still not available in all devices.

They are safe to buy and almost all are compatible with Pakistani 3G/4G frequencies. One should check them thoroughly as you would check any used phone, they work perfectly fine and some models have better specs than the international variants.

For example, the SM-G900F Galaxy S5, has the Snapdragon 801, and lacks LTE-A capability, in Europe when LTE-A was launched, Samsung introduced another Galaxy S5, the SM-G901F with the same Snapdragon 801, however Korea got a new Galaxy S5 as well, it's called the SM-G906 (S/K/L), and it has a Snapdragon 805 and 3GB RAM instead of 2GB on the normal S5, and a whopping 2560x1440 screen compared to the ordinary 1080p on the international Galaxy S5. So in some cases, a Korean device would be a better buy than the international variant.

The easy way to spot a Korean variant is the T-DMB antenna on some models, used for watching Live TV in Korea, and the second way is to go in to settings, and scroll down to About Device and see what the model number is.

So to sum it up, just make sure the device you're buying is in good condition and works fine, there is nothing to worry about when buying Korean devices.

HOWEVER, as some users mentioned above, some shopkeepers (or even sellers on OLX) will try to convince you that the device they are selling is 'Original Korean', whereas it is actually a chinese fake device. So to get past this, download an app called CPU-Z, to show you the specs of the device.

For example, if it is a Korean LG G2 you are trying to buy, download CPU-Z and open it, it should say Snapdragon 800, if it says something else like MediaTek, or HDC, the device is a fake.

Hope I helped. :)

Thanks but too late.

I was already a victim of.so called korean note 4 turned out to be a chinese diaaster for me.

I then forced the seller to replace it with any original device.