Korean Clones of Samsung Flagship Phones. reality or hoax

Recently I have been coming across a lots of advertisements from a number of online retailers, about the Korean Clone of Samsung Flagship phones like Note 4 and Note 5. Strangely the cost of these high end phones is mentioned between Rs 16000 to Rs 18000. In fact these websites put the specs of original Samsung phones and their images instead of exact specs of these Korean Clones. Out of curiosity I checked youtube about these so called Korean Clones. I couldn't get any solid information about their performance, displays and cameras etc. the only thing which I noticed was the Boxes are exactly like original and the software at start up is also the same of Samsung. I was wondering as these knock offs are really Korean in origin or Chinese Low end phones disguised as Korean Originals. Which mobile phones can they be compared with in terms of performance?

Here you go: http://www.wiredpakistan.com/topic/22045-be-careful-about-these-korean-clones/

In short, don't buy 'em!