Kipor 19 KVA Genset for Sale!

Hi everyone, I'm going to advertise in the paper soon, thought I'd post it here first.

Used for 300 hours. Lol, I made all the expenses required on initial repairs. Everything now is in perfect running condition.

Brand new unit is for Rs. 300,000 plus. My final price is Rs. 220,000.

Here's a link for specs.

If anyone's interested I'll put pictures up as well.

can you post the pictures with exact model number and please state why are selling this unit after making all the necessary repairs, thanks.

I'll try and post the pictures tomorrow. The model number is the same as in the link. 19STA.

I'm selling the unit because it's more capacity than I need & I bought a better more expensive gen set.

@cq914 Btw almost all Kipor units need repairs soon after installation, this is their method of 'initial running' :lol: Better to buy one that's already been through the initial teething troubles. I'm not very serious about selling it here on the forum, just thought I'd post here before I advertise. Here are the pictures you asked for.