Kindly Suggest me some experienced neuro-surgeon


hope you all are gud ... Frenz one of my friend need to consult a neuro-surgeon / physician . kindly suggest me some experienced , expert and reputable neuro-surgeon / physician in Rawalpindi / Islamabad with or without contact deatails ...

shall be grateful to all of you frenz ...

waitting for rapid Response ....

Neuro-surgeons and Neuro-physions have different domains. Being a Medical Student I would recommend you to confirm whether she needs to visit a physicion or a surgeon.

^more precisely Neurosurgeon & Neurologist

AOA ...

Thank you very much GenralUser to clearify the difference between the two ...

I am asking about Neurologist , kindly suggest experienced neurologist of repute in Rawalpindi / Islamabad ....

brother Zeshan Thanks alot to trouble yourself to help me out ..

frenz still waitting for your suggestions ...

Neurosurgeon in Islamabad - Dr Inayat at Shifa International

Neurologist in Islamabad - Dr Khatri or Dr Mehmoona both at Shifa International

Thank you brother Wazim87 ...

anybody else ?????

I also know Dr. Khatri at Shifa International in Islamabad.

But I would recommend you two person in Lahore who in my opinion are very very experienced, well-known and they have a lot of prestigious.

1. Prof Dr Bashir Ahmad. He's a renowned neurosurgeon all over Pakistan. I tried two times but never succeeded in getting appointment because he's a very busy man. Moreover he also takes very very serious cases due to which he's very busy and also visiting America in different intervals.

2. Dr. Shahzad Shams.

I have experience with Dr. Shahzad Shams. He's very humble and a lot of people visit him from long flung areas. He charged my patient a nominal fee of Rs.1000 but he took almost 20 minutes in checkup which shows his interest in listening to patients problems and worries.

I have seen many other doctors who don't listen to patient due to which I give this man a lot more respect. He also has a website:

Gen nisar at Rwp near Chor chowk.

Spinal Chord spec. Lt Col asad qureshi at Cmh Rwp.


Thank you both of you brother imran and LuckyBoy ... you troubled yourself to reply ...

I have studied about Dr. S. A Siddiqui , can anyone plz give information about him , such as contact details , whether or not he is practicing in pakistan ????

salam everyone.

we are glad to help you and your family by providing excellent services in neurosurgery by managing trauma, tumors, of brain and spine.

dealing with backaches and treating in best possible manner.

Dr Aamir Shah

consultant Neurosurgeon

Kalsum International Hospital Blue Area Islamabad

Reliance Hospital Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Neurologists, neurosurgeons and spinal surgeons have different expertise. You need to provide more details to determine which consultant is best suited to treat your friend.

Dr. Tariq Hakim

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Isn't this a old thread

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Isn’t this a old thread

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You are right.

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Dr Aftab he is i think head of neurosurgery in Polyclinic islamabd .. is a nice man ..

he is pashto speaking .. so if u are pashto speaker he will be much better ..

Seems as its old thread, but still replying so it may be helpful for someone else still looking for a good neurosurgeon in Pakistan. I will advise for Dr. Waqas Mehdi, who is one of the best Pakistani neurosurgeon and is specialist doctor for brain and spine diseases. He is consultant neurosurgeon in Mayo Hospital Lahore, and more details about him can be found on his website: , Contact Number: 03004045004. Hope it helps someone still looking for good neurosurgeon!

Hi. I will advse you Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood is top neurosurgeon in Pakistan he is best neurosurgeon and specialist in endoscopic brain surgeon He is consultant in genral hospital and surgimed hospital lahore. more detail visit website; contact no : 0300-8450289