Kindly suggest a best laptop

Aslam-e-laikum & belated Eid Mubarik to All ,

Frenz kindly suggest me a best laptop with in the price range of 40K-50K. I am not brand conscious at all. suggestions with A little description of goods and bads as well as with a short comparison are highly appreciated.

Eagerly waitting for your response !


There are a lot of Laptops available in that price range. For instance try the Dell Inspiron series, there are a lot of trims available. I am not a big fan of HP but they also got HP Probook offerings in that price range. So visit any computer retailers website to get comparative price list. Also give some thought to Lenovo's as well, the recent models are good.

Depends on your needs. First decide this: What "kind" of laptop do you want?

- Gaming Machine

- General Use

- Desktop replacement (Okayish battery life, bigger screen)

- Portable (thin, light and with long battery)

I suggest you look at the following models for general Desktop replacement use:



macnurv brother thank you very much ...

rnathbatra thanks alot for your kind reply, yes General Use and Desktop replacement with a little portablity is my requirement. like bigger storage , faster , equiped with all the advanced networking features. Gamming is not concern of mine at all. I have to move out of the city for weeks sometimes for months so my need is desktop replacement with laptop portablity.

looking forward to further suggestions frenz :)


Dell Inspiron 5XXX, any trim would be a good option. They have got some good features, check them out.

go for DELL INSPIRON N5010, which is available in market currently at 45,000 ..

Thank you brother Ozmayne & macnurv for your useful posts ....

Still waitting for more suggestions , I know wiredpakistan is littered with Gurus :)& certainly There will be no regrets if I take your precious suggestions prior to purchase .