Kesc & Union Dispute Finally Ends

KARACHI: The conflict between the administration of Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) and labour union has finally come to an end when both the parties signed a written agreement here in Governor House early on Tuesday after 14-hours of moot, Geo News reported.

KESC administration and labour union signed the written agreement during a meeting with the Governor Ishratul Ebad held here, Commissioner Muhammad Hussain said.

According to the agreement, KESC administration would implement the verdict of Sindh High Court. Posts of sacked employees have been dissolved, however, employees who will be coming to work will mark their attendance and will not be sacked forcefully.

Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Hussain said that sacked employees would be paid salaries of three months before the month of Ramazan. KESC would pay salaries under Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS).

He said that under the agreement no employee would be forcefully sacked.

Muhammad Hussain said that all employees who had been sent in surplus polls would be adjusted in various sectors according to their proficiency.

All offices of KESC would remain opened on Tuesday, the Commissioner added. On the other hand, the labour union has vowed to resolve citizens’ issues within 24-hours.

Appears to be a temporary pause.

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Appears to be a temporary pause.


why would you say that? did you read the news article?

But still 8-10 hours load shedding :( now they dont have oil to produce electricity.

where in karachi are you experiencing 8-10 hours of load shedding?

gulistan e jauhar block 3.. still no light since 3:30 PM

@ archim3des

I read the article but this kind of agreement was reached some time ago which didn't last a week. I hope both parties stickto this one but the issue has been politicized too much.

We get 8 hour (sometimes 10 hours) load shedding in Gulistan-e-Jauhar (2 hour after every 2 hours).

minimum duration 2 Hrs :P

so it means there will be no more load shedding in Karachi?

umm No, load shedding has nothing todo with the union dispute

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so it means there will be no more load shedding in Karachi?


This could be other way around. :) KESC has many tricks up their sleeve for prolong load shedding specially when no one knows their real contract; not even courts.

6-10 hours here too, lets see if it gets any better after this agreement.