Kesc online duplicate bill

Hey everyone,

i tried using the online bill duplicate form @ website but i keep getting an error stating "the account number does not exist or the bill has not been generated yet", the 118 support staff told me to email the billing department, which so far i have not received a response from (2 days). any ideas how i can get a duplicate bill?

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i just checked my bill getting the same error

currently the meters are not being read and customers are charged on an average bill due to the kesc strike

alright, turns out my account number had been changed, i was able to get my bill using the new one. although the 118 people were completely useless, every time i called i got a "billing server is down" response. and they kept telling me to goto "" which lands you on a powered by apache webpage. one guy even told me to try ",ivr" :P

did u go to Kesc office or spoke on phone

i have checked three bills all three from different areas in Karachi and i keep getting the same error ...

The new bill page at always give "The A/c number could not be found" error though the same a/c # is accepted by 118 complaint center.