Kesc Fact Sheet Region 3 & 4

Region 3

According to the town wise breakup, the number of overloaded and theft-ridden PMTs in Korangi Town, 387, stood on top in the whole region. There were also 382 such PMTs in Gulistan-e-Johar, 139 PMTs in Landhi, 135 PMTs in Shah Faisal Town and 125 PMTs in Korangi Industrial Model Zone (KIMZ). The consumers getting supply from these PMTs had yet to pay accumulated bills of Rs. 5,081,887,478. The non payers and electricity thieves included industrial units, commercial and residential consumers and even educational, religious and entertainment institutions.

Region 4

According to detail, Surjani Town stands on top, having maximum number of such PMTs, that is, 352. In North Karachi, heavy theft has been recorded at 332 PMTs. In Nazimabad, overloading by theft has been recorded at 274 PMTs. Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town has 267 such PMTs, Federal B. Area 243 PMTs, North Nazimabad 187 PMTs and Liaquatabad 104 PMTs. Bill payment ratio is also very low at these PMTs. Nonpaying consumers of Region No. 4 linked to the chronically theft oriented and low recovery PMTs owe an accumulative amount of Rs. 8,774,814,479 to KESC. Average outstanding amount against each PMT is estimated to be around Rs. 5 million.

KESC itself is the cause of majority of its loses...

For example in my area people are willing to install electric meters, but they are forced by KESC to remain on KUNDA system. KESC not interested to install new infrastructure (poles, meters and connections etc), specially in new localities but offer KUNDA at Rs.300 to Rs.500 per month.

Being a responsible citizen, i have installed electric meter with 500 meter wire bearing all the expenses, yet never got full voltage and wire theft in addition with paying over Rs 1000/- bill every month. on the other hand my neighbours have KUNDA with better voltage, no wire loss, no bills for last seven years :)

I had written a letter to KESC, they visited and told me that "we have still no solution for these kind of areas"

so four letter word for KESC.

KESC allows kunda connection for a meager amount of Rs.800-1,000. They even issue official bill for that. Most of these connections are used by under construction houses, nurseries and street side vendors. Under construction houses use heavy electrical equipments for grinding, cutting, welding etc. When their readings do not tie up with check meters they declare them theft PMTs. This is absurd.