Kenwood inverter running at 10.3 amp

I have recently purchased kenwood inverter and i m surprise to see that it runs at 10.3 amp for first 3 hours after that it falls to 8.4 amp

and after 12 -13 hours it come to 5 amp while my previous Mitsubishi consumption was 7 amp.

any one know why its using too much electricity.

Also any one please tell me what is maximum ampere used by brands like gree, and acson. means all brand using max 10 amp at peek or less.

if your voltage is low as in 170-190 your amps will tend to be on the high side. btw your kenwood is it a 1.5 ton or a 2 ton unit?

voltage is full even i tried it on stabiliser, but ampere was same

my kenwood is 1.5 ton

kindly tell me all inverter ac max rated current is 10 or less

post picture of the watts and BTU sticker on the side of the outdoor unit.. it ay also be on the box of the AC.

Well inverter ac has different modes and it consumes different level of electricity .i have misplaced broucher of gree. but here is what i think it stated

1.5 ton ac come in three version one group is gree th1 and th2 (both are same with color difference ) and other is u grace series only in golden colour

all three versions have three mode automatically controlled low medium and high

in low i guess all consumes 550 watts

in medium all consumes 1550 watts ( i think)

in high mode the Th1 And th2 models consume 1850 watts( these model give 17700 btu at maximum)

while u grace series consumes around 2200 or 2000 watts ( in theory this model gives around 20000 btu at high mode )effectively at high mode this model consumes electricity equal to two ton gree inverter ac while giving around 20500 btu while two ton ac delivers around 24000 btu..... this is hybrid between 1.5 ton and 2 ton ac.

i have misplaced gree broucher so my figures might be less than accurate .May be same thing apply to kenwood

So if there is huge difference between room temperature and desired temperature like u set ac at 18 C while room temperature is 33 it will run at high modes effectively drawing more electricity as load shedding would prevent ac from achieving temperature will never go to low settings ment to save electricity.

and other point is rightly mentioned if voltage is low more amperes will be drawn . or your amp meter is not working correctly ;-)

Cooling rated power input of my 1.5 unit ( u grace model)is 2450(just read it from unit)

heating rated power input of my unit is 2750

cooling power input is 1350 watts

Im going to buy gree 1.5 ton inverter and my only aim is to achieve minimum ampere and less electricity

deal told me about these two models

18uith3 /i = rs.105000


18vith1 = rs.92000

kindly help me which ac should i buy that will consume less ampere at peek and after achieving room temperature

also tell me if any other good model available in gree

the rates you mentioned are high ...official dealership is selling for high price go to local market u will get discounted price ...i got U series 1.5 ton for 88000 from abid market ..official dealership was offering for 92000

i have just made a video about your question
you will get ur answers in it