Kehdo SMS Service by PTCL

PTCL has launched Voice SMS service "Kehdo SMS". According to the website:

"PTCL being the largest telecom operator has been offering numerous services on its land line connections, to further facilitate its valued customer, PTCL has now decided to launch KEHDO SMS service as a value added service which will further strengthen its standard land line service and hence will ensure its commitment to its subscribers for better service.

Subscribers can use this service for sharing emotions and to give important messages to others using their standard telephone landline, besides it doesn’t need any activation, user just have to dial a code followed by a recipient telephone number (with area/access code) after that system will prompt different options for the user.

Your land line is not giving the quality voice only rather it is giving the innovative services and features as well."


What if voice sms listed by other than person whom one want to give? lolzzz chori pakri gai. Yes it is better if some urgent or important call and no one available at given time.

What is charges of voice sms as website dont show it

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