Came across this interesting site:


what? now ur spamming

How is this spam?

like all others....

did any one asked for a site abt karachi...etc.

spam=unwanted material

By that definition the Websites section should be deleted all together since no one usually ASKS for websites! Also we generally don't delete website advertisements on this forum unless that person starts to repeatedly make posts/threads related to it. Thats how we define spam.

If you don't like the website, move on!

LOL, Faisal was joking, I think.

i mentioned about this site before the forum got hacked!

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LOL, Faisal was joking, I think.

I just couldn’t let it go though! ;) Its all good! But yes, it seems to be a decent directory of places in Karachi.

Yeah nice directory and few pages of detail about that shop/product.

A site related to that.. And more useful than this. A online gifts and cake shop in Karachi Pakistan: