In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent & the Most Merciful.

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Friends let work together to change the current systems of "Pakistan".

If you love "PAKISTAN" the country that born with the name of Allah (SWT) as an Islamic farewell state in accordance with Qaid-e-Aazam and Iqbal's dreams, this is the forum that provides you the foundation.

Join us to change the system that provides social justice, education for every one, Health and civic rights, peace and protection for every citizen, entire sects free to perform the religious obligations.

Free register now and play your role.


Thats strange, 34 views and no reply....

Heres a reply for you. First of all I think your whole 'Save Pakistan' theme is a farce. You're either using it as a gimmick to get people to register, or you are just not very good at maintaining focus. Reason being that your forum covers every topic under the sun. I wouldn't even know where to begin. Successful forums focus on a theme, and build around it. You have 39 sub-forums...is it just me or does that just sound wrong?

Changing the system with a internet forum? :o Good luck with that.

No offence but I feel you like Faisal Qureshi of News One's program "Bange-e-darra".

HE is such a bonga that he don't even let others speak. Do you hace some relation with that mad guy?