Just got Witribe. Good experiance uptill now!

Because of low signals in my area I was reluctant getting Witribe as my PTCL DSL has gone down. But I was surprised, only on two signals on indoor modem, I am getting very good browsing and downloading experience.

Browsing is fast with no lags.

File downloading, full download speed all the time.

Youtube streaming, maximum download speed, nice.

Too early to say, but connection seems to be stable up till now.

Now just to check in long term if all remains consistent.


^What package are you on? 512kbps?

Yes, its a 512 kbps connection.

Yes i also agree its good till the date even on 1 signal in Islamabad.Keep it up Witribe.

wi tribe is not good for signals, only working in Gulberg Garden town of lahore city, DHA, Johor Town no service,

Wateen and PTCL working the whole areas of Lahore city, so how come Islamabad is ok i dont beleive!!!

How is their Usb performing?

Is their any teleporting while playing games?

I play games exclusively on wi-tribe and it has been working pretty awesome. I get 50-80 pings to MBL servers and 50-60 to LDN CSS servers. If you have to get a wireless connection for gaming, wi-tribe is the only option that you should consider (I have used Wateen and EVO - both are horrible!).

Anyone from Lahore experienced wi-tribe?

Yes I am using it in lahore, and its very good. No lags in browsing and full download speed all the time.

Motorola wifi modem on 3 signals. Not an usb.

I can't seem to connect using the wi-tribe dongle on Vista and Windows 7 (both 64-bit, not sure if that has anything to do with it). Installation went smoothly except for just one wimax network adapter driver error only on win7, no errors on vista.

The Motorola connection manager attempts to connect, tries to locate the network, connect to wi-tribe and then disconnects. This happens at least two or three times and then it goes back to ready mode saying: ready to connect.

Has anyone used the dongle on win7 and vista? Please help. Thanks!

Karachi Server


Some place in Cairo


With a 512k package. And only bar on the modem. Pretty good uptill now. No problems at all. Except for that my 6gb limit was finished by 24th of the month and so i got the 5 gb upsize for Rs. 99.