What do you guys say about the movie Jumper?

I always check movie rating and a few comments at IMDB before even thinking to watch the movie. Rating and reviews are not that good, so I think I'll ditch it.

well i have just downloaded but its dvd print in not out yet so i think i should wait for the DVD print :)

WEll its rating on the imdb is not soo gud

but seeds are reasonable at torents

from wht i;ve learnt, one should trust his own instincts rather than depending on reviews at imdb, i used to ditch so many movies because of bad reviews at imdb or bad ratings but last year i started downloading all the movies i had skipped.. and i have to say 70% of them were not that bad. They werent standout blockbusters and were not meant to be in the first place but some guys just slayed em cuz they had gotten bad reviews from hollywood critics or the special effects were not up to their standards..

Just downloaded this movie..will watch tonight

I have read bad reveiws about it and have also heard this is not one of those movies you will enjoy on small screeen. Even though it may suck, I will wait to see it in the theatre.....I do know it is coming soon as I have seen the ads in the local papers.

i have seen half of it and so far it looks good>>try to finish it tommorow though>>good special effects and the story holds up>>i never care about what critics say>>that is their job>> to critize>>a bunch of overeducated movie buffs>>

read this>>


fuzool movie hay ..

It would have been a nice movie, i didn't like it because it seems everyone in hollywood seems to be making these movies with guys with powers. They need to come up with something new without with a character taken from Heroes :/

i have not seen it yet,

Just watched it. Was a good movie. Not a revolutionary new idea but definitely entertaining.

I second devnull. Don't ditch movies because of bad ratings at IMDB. Sometimes people in west don't like a particular genre but it's popular with our people (for example horror movies. They give negative reviews to anything remotely horror).

Watch the trailer, read the synopsis, and if you are intrigued, watch the movie.