Joystick for kof

hello i wanna buy a joystick for fighting games like king of fighter, suggest me which one i buy, and where to get that in isb/rwp.

buy gamepad similar to PS2 one, two analog sticks, 10 buttons, vibration motors and 8 way direction buttons.

buy a logitech dual-analog gamepad.It has 10 buttons,two analog sticks that'll give u the feel like playing in the arcade.U will be able to inflict power just like u do in a gali ke nukarr video game shop.Or if u wanna have vibration,go for cordless rumblepad(little expensive) but highly recommended,will complement ur gaming experience if the game supports vibration feedback.

whichever brand u buy just make sure it has atleast 10-buttons as most games now require it.I myself have played KOF with my logitech wingman action pad(don't buy it-only 9 buttons),and assure u will not have problems initiating powers.U will get the same feel as a joystick or video-game(dukan wala).

yar logitech is damn expensive, my friend has some chinese brand with same functions you are mentioning he bought in around 350 some time ago. Check the mind boggling rates of logitech product @

yes they r,i agree.I myself plan to buy cordless rumblepad but the price is keeping me.The cons of chinese products is that they don't come with warranty.Having said that,I'm not sure galaxy gives warranty on gamepads.Didn't give me when i bought my action pad,but that was 4-5 yrs back.With logitech u can be sure of quality.

i want to buy a 10-button with dual-Analog stick supporting vibration feedback.Let me know if chinese make are available and where,


do you know of some pc games which support vibration feedback

I don't play many but yes,fifa 08,fifa 09 support it.New games come with it for total gaming experience.

i already have the chinese copy of this joystick.,en but it is not comfortable for me, i cannot do those power shots on this stick. also i m feeling that there is also some problem in the game as well. cus its running about 50% more faster then the normal. a 1 minute round ends up in just 40 seconds (i measured it with stopwatch) and same problem while playing tekken3. can some one tell how to reduce its speed.

enable throttle, which emu you are using ?