Join for a great Startup Company?


I have noticed a lot of companies that became million dollar companies within years. They started off in Garage and now they are worth lot more. Couple of guys joined and worked on a idea. These ideas are were not that great at times. grew to 20 million users just in couple of weeks and having now 1 million hits per day. is another example. I never seen any startup project from Pk like this. Why dont we guys join and work on any idea instead of individual effort ?

I have couple of ideas that could be worked upon. May be some one else can come up with an idea and 4-5 people can work on it

why don't you build a local electronic online payment method in Pakistan just like cashu ? so people Shop and pay online super fast without bank account or credit cards

now a days in every home there is dsl internet you will found and i browse out many online shopping portals mostly accepts wire transfer which is very hassle and long process , but still there is no any system like this CashU or sQuid which offers prepaid cards for shopping online or in stores

i meant like this or

Well its banned by State Bank of Pakistan as far as I know. I had a detailed discussion with Jehan Ara regarding it. Me And Bilal had a plan to launch it. Domain was registered but these issues.

I went through folder of all the projects I did and also found the legal document for paypal and it has some conflicts with Pakistan State Bank. I didnot read it recently. I can upload it if you guys want !

Count me in if you have an idea.. atleast i'll give some cheerful support :) ..

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Well its banned by State Bank of Pakistan as far as I know.

No wonder our fellow Pakistanis get successful in one generation in foreign countries, while it take them 3 to 4 generations to get that success in their own country, its not about having talent or having great idea, its about some 2 bit politician or dumb bureaucrat hell bent on to be a obstacle of Pakistani entrepreneur’s success in Pakistan.

Well, But for Internet I believe you dont have any boundaries and these obstacles cant create lot of hindrance in your success


Thanks :)