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Blend.PK is a job search engine for Pakistan. It finds jobs posted across different sites of Pakistan and makes them available to the general public. Blend.PK is all about searching therefore special measures are taken to make jobs highly searchable; just to give you an estimate each job on average can be searched by around 400 different base queries while each of these base queries can exist in unlimited number of sentences of natural language. Blend.PK employs very efficient indexing techniques and queries are served in less than 0.5 seconds on average.

Blend.PK supports Natural Language Search and Keyword Search. Natural language search allow users to query Blend.PK just like they would ask question to any other human being e.g. "Jobs for software developers in lahore" will return jobs for software developers in lahore. You can also use keywords to search for jobs e.g. "management lahore" will return management jobs in lahore. Some advanced searching features are also available.

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thank you umair waheed sab to share such a great and informative post, i really like it and its really help full for those who are job less and looking for jobs,

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Blend.PK has started covering UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Morocco, Lebanon and Egypt.

Like we had no job site before in Pakistan.

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