Job Opportunity: HTML Programmers Required

Job Opportunity: HTML Programmers Required

Hello Everyone. I am looking to hire a few HTML Programmers\Developers for a new project I am starting. The work is very simple. JPEG’s and PDF’s along with all the Information will be provided. All you have to do is convert it to HTML.

This is an excellent opportunity for those students who are looking for a part time job and earn some cash.

Job Requirements:

  1. Skilled at HTML
  2. English Language Proficient
  3. Committed and On Call between 8pm – 2am PST, Monday to Friday

I am looking for people who are committed and enthusiastic about their work. Deadlines will be given and the work MUST be completed within the given time frame. You may do the work whenever you please as long as you submit it to me on time. One of my requirements is that you must be on call between 8pm and 2am. This basically means that between those hours I will need you to respond to my calls or emails as my clients may require some editing to be done. You will have to make the changes and respond back within an hour at max.

Karachi people are preferred in case we need to meet in person to discuss future projects. People nationwide may also apply. Since the work is project based, salary will be negotiated depending on your work, skill and dedication.

All those interested can PM me their skill set and information. If you have a CV that would be great.

HI , I m interested to work with you , I am a Computer engineer from Sir syed university and right now working on a software house

you can contact me on my email adderss if u want , i am waiting for your reply thx