Jazz Jazba, is it good?

I saw this ad of Mobilnk Jazz Jazba, the only thing which caught my attention was the unlimited Internet per day @ 10 rupees, as that will be 300 per month for unlimited, being better than 200 per month for just 2GB of Zong, so i had a few questions, see if any of you can answer them.

1. Is it really unlimited or fair usage policy crap?

2. Does it include all taxes or not?

3. Do i have to activate the package daily or it will activate itself automatically?

4. Are there any activation charges?

5. According to their website, the charges will be charged at the end of the day, what will happen if i don't have any balance? :P

The calls & sms rates are as follows:

On-Net (Mobilink to Mobilink) calls @ Rs. 0.70/ 30 seconds, Off-Net calls @ Rs. 0.80/30 sec, 3 Friends & Family Nos. @ Rs0.45/30 sec, SMS All networks @ Rs. 2.00/message, International SMS @ Rs 2.50/message and a Daily-package fee @ Rs 1.00/day - (taken from here).

Which doesn't seem so bad, so what do you think of the overall package? Is it worth it?

Found this, according to it, the package is completely unlimited, and it includes taxes, which seems great.

If its true, the package doesn't seem so bad, lets find the answer to the other questions.

Yes Upsilon is right, it is truly unlimited, i used it, speed if normal