Java on mobile

hi i want to install java on my nokia n95... can some give me the spcifice link... i want ufone web2sms service its on load on my mobile but its loading on my laptop.... so how to install java on mobile ???

Nokia N95 has Java MIDP 2.0 pre-installed. You can install any java-powered program on it (which is midp 2.0 supported) and it will run.

click and get java files at follwoing link

i want to use the

web2sms of ufone service on their web

so the link is

i am unable to open this specific site on my mobile....

can anybody guide me ???


u cant do what u r thinking

there iz no such way else u hav a browser for mobile which suports loading java apalet in the browser

and afaik there is no such mobile browser

cool Man... thanx god u approched my wise thinking

ehem ehem

"wise thinking"??

maybe he's more wise than us and just wanted to test us !?